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As a Realtor®, you know how important it is for a successful home inspection. Therefore, you know that walking into an inspection blind is a bad idea. Your clients need to prepare, so there are no surprises. Keep reading to find out how to prepare for a home inspection.

How To Prepare for a Home Inspection

how to prepare for a home inspection

One of the things about being in real estate is you aren't just someone that finds or sells houses, you educate your clients. And one of the most stressful things when buying or selling is preparing for that home inspection so it can pass with flying colors. Read up on how to prepare for a home inspection.

Clear the Perimeter

The inspector looks at the outside of the house as well as the inside. Make sure the areas around the house are clear of debris or plant growth. The inspector needs a full view of the siding, trim, and caulking around doors and windows. This is a great way to start teaching your client how to prepare for a home inspection.

Provide Open Access

Give the inspector easy access to the property, inside and out. This includes attics, basements, under sinks, and furnace rooms. If they can’t get into certain areas, they can’t inspect them. This might worry the buyer and lead to them backing down from the deal.

Replace Light Bulbs

A blown light bulb can be a signal to the inspector of a number of issues. One of those could be a faulty wiring issue. Make sure all of the bulbs are working properly before the inspection.

Check the Roof

Check the gutters for missing pieces and be sure to clean the debris and moss from them. Search the roof for missing tiles, and make sure the downspouts are in place. If anything’s out of order, your clients will want to fix it before the inspection.

Replace Furnace Return Filter

A clean furnace return filter has two great results. It helps your client’s house smell fresh, and shows they take care of their furnace.

Turn Pilot Lights On

Make sure the pilot light to the water is turned on. If your client has a fireplace, turn on that pilot light as well. Moving through the property easily will allow the inspector to give a more thorough inspection. This gives confidence to the buyer that they’re making the right choice.

Check the Fuse Box

Double-check that the fuse box is labeled properly. If there are any faded or confusing labels, replace them. This makes the inspection a lot easier.

Check the Doors

All doors should be in working condition. Doors should latch into the frame without issues, and all locks should be functioning properly.

Look for Leaks or Water Damage

The inspector will look for signs of leaks and water damage, so you should as well. Have your clients look under appliances, sinks, and around the base of the toilets. Also, look for signs of sagging, buckling, or warping ceilings.

Repair Faulty Cabinets

Check cabinet doors for loose hinges and repair as needed.

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